Visitor Management Software

VisitForm is the ultimate Visitor Management Software solution specialized in managing Gated Communities, Gatehouses, Gates, Front Desks and Entrances.

A straightforward, powerful and complete cloud software solution, VisitForm enables you and your staff to manage and communicate with your community efficiently and securely.

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Visitors, Residents and Vendors

The foundation of VisitForm is the streamlined Gatehouse check-in process and its Access Control. With VisitForm the Gatehouse operation runs smoothly, enabling your staff to welcome visitors and at the same time collect all required information. VisitForm works for both manned and unmanned entries.

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Secure, Personal and Automated

With the well-thought out interface, the Gatehouse staff can instantly access information such as resident contact information, permanent visitor lists and notes. As well as admit visitors and vendors quickly.

In the VisitForm Resident App residents can edit their visitors lists, schedule visits, away status and contact details which will automatically notify the gatehouse staff, reducing the workload of the gatehouse staff but still keeping the staff to have full control over the admit lists. No more Excel-sheets and notes with outdated phone numbers.

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VisitForm Access Screen used by the Attendant/Guard can used on a regular tablet or desktop PC.
The Attendant can also use a mobile version of VisitForm Access primarily used for QR-code scanning.


VisitForm Resident App (available on both Android and iOS)


Happy and Comfortable Residents

With VisitForm the gatehouse staff can send both automatic and manual text messages when visitors, auto-admitted persons and vendors check-in and other events. Keeping the residents happy and updated what is happening in the gatehouse.

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Automatic Gate Access

Integrate VisitForm with a Barcode Access Reader, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System, RFID or a Transponder Access System, let residents access the community without any hassle. Manage vehicles with VisitForm's Vehicle Management via auto-admits. With the VisitForm Edge Software, the Gate will function both online and offline in case of network outages.

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Admit Passes

With VisitForm, visitors and guests can also check-in with gate passes. Scannable with an ordinary smartphone. Greatly reducing queues and gatehouse staff workload without compromising on the security of the premises.

Visitor can also enter the community with a PIN or by plate number. Either supplied by the gatehouse or the resident.

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Gatehouse Staff

With VisitForm your staff will admit visitors with ease and utmost security. The gatehouse staff can also use the VisitForm App to admit visitors without having to use the desktop.

Enable your gatehouse staff to reach their full potential by eliminating tedious tasks with the help of VisitForm. No more filling out endless forms or searching for post-it notes.

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Some Metrics Communities Who Implement VisitForm Have Reported:

Decreased Complaints

With increased security and peace-of-mind for the residents. The amount of complaints to the gatehouse decreased drastically. With all information easily accessable, backtracking events and alarms is much easier.

Reduced Queues

Our users report a major improvement in reducing entrance queues due to faster check-ins. No more backed up vehicles in the roadway. Some of our users report a staggering halving in queue time after starting using VisitForm.

Less Phone Calls

VisitForm helps reduce the phone calls to the Gatehouse, especially when using the Residents portal. A 50-75% decrease in the amount of phone calls to the gatehouse has been reported only weeks after implementing VisitForm.

Lower Expenditure

With VisitForm our users have lowered their expenditure on expensive IT equipment and hardware, as well as better planning of maintenance, service and tasks.

Solution Integrations

VisitForm is a cloud and web based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). All your data is securely stored in the cloud and there is no need to invest in expensive equipment or servers. No more IT maintenance or complex setups and updates.

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Complete Overview

Plan shifts, community events and maintenance. With VisitForm you will get a complete overview of your community and the daily operation.

Manage vendors and recurring vendors in an efficient way, define recurring vendors such as landscapers, delivery companies, couriers, nannies and much more.


Easy Guardhouse Management

Use VisitForm to manage daily tasks and share information between shifts. With the virtual bulletin board, staff can easily and quickly get the information needed from management and previous shifts.

Create checklists and assign, and easily manage guardhouse tasks in one place.


Property & Service Management

Manage property manager contact lists and let your residents fill out maintenance service requests.


Vacation Handling

With VisitForm's Away tab feature the gatehouse staff can manage out-of-town residents for increased security, couriers, mail requests and package holds.

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Visit & ID Badges

Print beautiful and respectable visitor badges with VisitForm. Let the Gatehouse staff hand out badges for visitors during visits and ID badges for residents access control.


Experiences & Amenities

Display information on community facilities, experiences and amenities. Display staff information such as name, job title and contact information in the residents' portal. Letting the residents know who is working on the premises and who to contact.


Incident Management

A fillable Incident Report form allows attendants to document incidents at your community with ease. The form also allows photos to be attached. And, since it's cloud-based, off-site staff can readily access important information and take necessary actions in real time.


Broadcast Alerts

Alert your residents and hosts instantly with broadcast text messages.


VisitForm is a proud member of Community Associations Institute (CAI)


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