Create your own Visitor screen

Greet your visitors with a check-in screen. VisitForm is a free visitor screen SaaS which lets you monitor your visitors with ease.

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Visitor management

Check in and Check out

Manage visitor check ins and check outs. Let your employees receive notifications when they have a visitor. Offer your visitors to get a visitor badge.


Customize your visitor screen with a logo and welcoming text. Customize check in and check out methods.

Overview and analytics

Easily list visitors currently in the building. Measure visitor statistics such as average visit time and visitors per week.


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Configure your visitor screen by selecting check in and check out method


Show link

Your visitor screen has an unique URL. Simply configure your monitor to show the URL and you are set!


Customize and configure your screen. VisitForm offers a configuration page where you can select to check in by name, email or phone. Checkout methods supported are name, visitor number, email and phone.


Overview and insights

List all current visitors to get a quick overview who is in the facility. See a complete log of all visitors. Easily extractable by Excel-like components.