About VisitForm


We are a growing business, determined to deliver top quality solutions with the customers needs in focus. We are striving to be a world class software vendor with a focus on gated communities, gatehouses and offices.

We are based in the United States, Sweden and Belgium. Our team consists of software specialists, developers, gated community managers and security personnel. We have a strict customer focus and are always keen to work with our users closely in order to bring highly sophisticated and streamlined solutions.

VisitForm was initially created in order to secure gated communities and offices in a modern way with a convenient cloud software. We are continuously working with our users to add new features and tools.

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VisitForm is a proud member of Community Associations Institute (CAI)


VisitForm can be integrated with a wide range of hardware such as scanners, badge printers and plate number readers. We are also happy to answer any questions you have regarding cyber security, data privacy and data integrity.

Cyber security

VisitForm securely stores all data in a Microsoft Azure Server located in eastern United States.