Gated communities

VisitForm helps you reach your full potential securing and managing gated communities and their visitors and residents

Complete solution

VisitForm helps you get a complete overview of every car and visitor that passes through your gates. With our streamlined check-in process you can be sure all visitors will be checked in and the residents will feel safe.

Easy to use

With VisitForm's easy to use attendant interface your attendants can focus on welcoming visitors and guests, and at the same time collect all required information to make sure the premises is safe. No more switching between different systems and tedious forms to fill out that takes important attention from your attendants.

Resident management

Manage the residents and their data such as contact details. Manage away logs, auto-admits and content management.

Task management

Manage daily tasks within the gated community and the gatehouse. VisitForm's task tool is easy to use and gives a good overview what needs to be done and when.


Interact with your residents with text messages, emails and broadcasts. Share information with your attendants with announcements, shared notes and much more. No more tiresome phone calls to get security or information announcements to reach your attendants and residents.

Vendor management

Manage the vendors that is operating in the gated community. Store, check-in and manage their visits and data.

Precision and security

With VisitForm's sophisticated but simple logging tool you can with a few clicks fetch information and analytics to backtrack events for any incidents. No more searching through notes of check ins and tedious backtrack work.


VisitForm lets you keep track of your entrances and booth to make sure your residents always have security on top. Get detailed insights of your shifts that can even help you with the payroll.


Keep the residents' board happy by being able to supply detailed reports about security metrics.


VisitForm is a modern cloud based software. All your data is securely stored in the cloud. VisitForm is very simple to setup and get started with. No more IT maintenance and complex setups and updates. Manage all of your sites in one system and keep your booths uniform.


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