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VisitForm is an advanced visitor management cloud software which lets you monitor your visitors and secure your premises with ease. Specialized in managing gated communities, gatehouses, offices and entrances. VisitForm is a straightforward and easy-to-use system that helps you get ahead.

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Gated community management


Streamlined process to check in and welcome visitors


Manage resident details, away logs, auto-admits and much more


Manage the vendors who are operating on the premises


Manage concierges and work shifts


Send and receive notifications

Information sharing

Share information between shifts and keep everyone on the same page


Manage incident reporting


Schedule shifts, happenings and tasks


Keep track and follow-up operational tasks in the community

Admit passes

Issue resident passes.


Integrate VisitForm with barcode scanners and plate readers.


Get statistics and reports for the community

VisitForm is a cloud and web based Software-as-a-Service. Run VisitForm on any device. VisitForm Web application and the VisitForm App for touch-enabled devices.


Enable your concierges to reach their full potential by eliminating tedious tasks with the help of VisitForm. No more filling out endless forms or searching for post-it notes.


With VisitForm your residents can also check-in with gate passes. Greatly reducing queues and concierge workload without compromising on the security of the premises.


Keep your residents updated with what is going on in the community and let them receive text messages and/or emails whenever vendors and visitors arrive.


Manage vendors and recurring vendors in an efficient way, define recurring vendors such as landscapers, delivery companies, couriers, nannies and much more.


Handle incident reporting with attached photos and details.


Alert your residents and hosts instantly with broadcast text messages.


Interact with your residents with text messages, emails and broadcasts. Share information with your concierges and attendants with announcements, shared notes and much more. No more tiresome phone calls to get security or information announcements to reach your attendants and residents.


Overview and insights

List all visits and get a detailed view of who has checked in to the premises. See a complete log of all visitors and much more. Easily extractable by Excel-like components.


Easy to setup, we offer a streamlined process for data input and configuration.

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