VisitForm helps you reach your full potential securing and managing gated communities and their visitors and residents


VisitForm gives you a complete overview of every vehicle and visitor entering your community. With our streamlined check-in process visitors will be efficiently checked in and residents will be assured that their privacy is being maintained.

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With VisitForm's easy to use attendant interface your attendants can focus on welcoming visitors and guests while collecting all required information to make sure your community is safe. No more switching between different systems and tedious forms to fill out!  


As with the Visitor screen, the Vendor screens provides attendants with vital details for vendors such as proof of insurance, company and representative information, and access notes.

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One click lets residents know when a vendor has arrived for them.


The Residents Screen allows attendants to enter contact details and visitor management information for each resident.  It also stores each resident's contact method preference which allows for improved customer service.  The "Away" tab allows attendants the ability to track and monitor residents who will be absent from the community, and  also manages requests for mail and package holds as well as other important details. "QR" code access passes can also be issued through this feature.

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Through the Resident Portal, residents can also update their information, control visitor access, and issue automated guest passes without the need to contact the attendants. The attendant screen will be automatically updated with this information in real-time.


Interact with your residents with two-way text messaging, emails and broadcasts. No more tedious and time-consuming phone calls to communicate with residents.


A "virtual bulletin board" allows your attendants to see important announcements, memos, and shared notes. and much more!


Manage daily tasks within your community and gatehouse with VisitForm's Task feature. 


Create checklists and assign, and easily manage attendant tasks in one place!


A fillable Incident Report form allows attendants to document incidents at your community with ease.  The form also allows photos to be attached. And, since it's cloud-based, off-site staff can readily access important information and take necessary actions in real time.


Store photos and information about each incidents. Keep track and follow-up the progress of claims and reports with the VisitForm incident feature.


Create and manage your ​on-site shift schedules with this convenient feature. Color-coding allows you to easily view a snapshot of your staffing and can also be used to verify payroll.


Schedule tasks and checklist for each shift. The VisitForm checklists helps your staff to perform important tasks and checks properly and in time.


With VisitForm's handy Planner feature, you can easily plan and manage shifts, community activities and events.


Export and filter your calendar and send out working hours to your staff. Export weekly and monthly calendar for your staff to a PDF file.


VisitForm provides peace of mind with​ downloadable reports and detail-rich metrics that can be easily shared with the Board or residents upon demand. 


Export visit, vendor logs, shifts, calendars and much more to formats easily imported into other software.



With VisitForm your data is securely stored in the cloud. VisitForm is very simple to setup and can be done by your own site staff or by our representatives.

For companies with multiple locations, all sites can be set up within the same database, allowing for uniformity and ease of access. 


There is no need to invest in expensive equipment or servers. No more IT maintenance or complex setups and updates. Updates are handled in real-time and our customer support is always available to assist with any system issues.


Missing a feature or having a question? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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