Senior Living

VisitForm makes visitor management and access control simple. By streamlining your visitor check-in process as well as enhancing the security of your community.

Enhanced Security for Vulnerable Residents

Implementing VisitForm ensures that only authorized visitors gain access to the community. This provides a secure environment for seniors who may be more vulnerable to external risks.

Controlled Access

VisitForm allows staff to manage and monitor who enters and exits the community, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering and contributing to a safe living environment.

Streamlined Check-In Process

The software simplifies the visitor check-in process, reducing wait times and making it more convenient for both residents and their visitors.

Comprehensive Visitor Records

VisitForm maintains detailed records of visitor entries and exits, assisting in accountability, security investigations, and community management.

Emergency Preparedness

In emergencies, having an accurate count of visitors within the community is vital for ensuring the safety of all residents and coordinating responses effectively.

Reduced Disturbances

VisitForm allows residents to pre-authorize visitors, minimizing unexpected disruptions and ensuring that they receive appropriate care and attention.


VisitForm can send automated notifications to residents' family members or designated contacts when they have visitors, promoting transparent communication.

Emergency Response

In case of emergencies, the software provides a quick overview of all guests present in the resort, aiding in efficient evacuation and accounting for everyone's safety.

Integration with Access Systemsn

VisitForm integrates with access control systems, such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras, Mounted QR-Scanner Installation, Integration with TransCore Toll Tags, Barcode Access Readers, RFID or Transponder Access System, and Keypad Access PINs to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Contactless Solutions

VisitForm offers touchless check-in options, aligning with health and safety concerns and minimizing physical contact.

Resident Comfort

The software's efficiency and security measures contribute to a sense of comfort and peace of mind among residents and their families.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Automating visitor management reduces administrative workload, allowing staff to focus on providing high-quality care and support to residents.

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