Onboarding & Setup

Get started quickly with VisitForm with these easy steps.

Get Started

VisitForm is easy to get started with, this page outlines the steps needed to get started

Step 1: Send us a message

Send us a message using our contact form or by email info@visitform.com. Click the button below to open the contact form.

Step 2: Data Collection & Setup

The next step is to import the Unit, Resident and Visitor lists (if available). The methods below are ways where we can help you import the data, naturally the data can also be typed into the system manually.

Digital Files

If you already have unit, resident list etc as digital files, e.g. Excel list, Word files or other text files. We can import these files for you at no cost.

Online Form

With our online form, you can let your resident fill in the information for their unit themselves.

Document Photos

If you already have unit, resident list etc on paper or similar physical documents. VisitForm can help you digitalize the data if you supply photos of the pages.

Step 3: Training

The last step is to train your guards/attendants/staff and residents to use the system.

Guards, Attendants & Management

We provide free online training (2 occasions) for your guards, attendants and management to get quickly up to speed using the software.

Download Gatehouse Manual


We provide on-demand training for Residents. We also have clear instructions for how to get started with the Portal app.

Download Portal App Manual


We provide technical support for you and your residents via email and our ticketing system.

Open Support Page

Step 4: Resident Credentials Distribution

Once the Unit, Resident List and Visitor data is in the system. The next step is to distribute the VisitForm Portal Credentials to all the residents. This can automatically be done via text/email. We also support printing a respectable leaflet that can be handed out to the residents.

Text or Email

As phone numbers and email addresses are imported in the previous steps. Account credentials can automatically be distributed to everyone in the community when the resident enter their phone number or email in the VisitForm Portal app.

Leaflet / Document

If you prefer supplying the credentials manually, a leaflet for each resident can be printed and handed out or emailed manually.


We are always open to discuss and help if you have other methods you would like to distribute the credentials with.

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